HyperCloud’s software stack has been developed over a decade to deliver a complete technology for building clouds, to include software-defined storage, networking, and compute, that is designed to meet stringent high side security classifications.

The HyperCloud software stack is completely compiled from source by SoftIron, allowing unprecedented auditability of the software itself. During the software development life-cycle of the product, the US Government’s “FISMA High” controls (part of NIST SP 800-53, the Risk Management Framework) were taken into account along the way. This means the product was developed with stringent security controls in mind, rather than implementing those security controls after the fact. This security-first mindset during the development of HyperCloud is unheard of in the cloud technology arena.

Secure data management and backup

The unique stateless architecture in HyperCloud bolsters data security and recovery capabilities. Since HyperCloud nodes are stateless by default, protecting against modification or attacks on the system is as easy as reverting clusters to a “known-good” state. Recovering compromised nodes is as simple as bouncing and rebooting them.

Furthermore, HyperCloud has certified immutability for data stored on it. An immutable backup means that your data is fixed and unchangeable for a specified period of time. If your backup is immutable then it is impervious to new ransomware infections. It ensures cast-iron protection against any data corruption, malware, as well as malicious or accidental data deletion. Immutable backups enable organizations to meet data compliance regulations and ensure provably accurate copies of historical data are retained.

Discover HyperCloud security

HyperCloud is an innovative private cloud solution meeting the stringent needs of defense, national security and government customers.
Deploy cloud at your data centre or co-lo in half a day and (less than) half a rack, with only generalist IT skills.
An audible answer to the security gaps in the global supply chain.
HyperCloud’s proven technology is already in use in highly sensitive environments across Australia, the United States and other NATO countries.
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