Confusion and over-spending is all too prevalent in today’s virtualization landscape. VM Squared departs from the nightmare that is navigating complex licensing structures. With a simplified licensing model, it provides everything you need for a modern, reliable, secure and efficient virtualization platform.

How it works

Compile details about your environment. To get an accurate price you’ll need to know the total number of physical cores and total amount of storage.

Contact your preferred SoftIron + Co partner for official pricing.

Once you’ve decided to proceed, you’ll be issued with a single license file directly from SoftIron. You can get started today by joining our early access program.

Ready for simple pricing?

VM Squared is sold exclusively through our partner network, SoftIron + Co.
For official pricing and to purchase your VM Squared license, please contact one of our preferred partners.

Find out how to try VM Squared for free

Discover VM Squared

  • Multi-tenancy out of the box. Automatic node detection. And that’s just the beginning.
  • Watch videos illustrating some of the useful functions and configuration options available in VM Squared.
  • Our migration tool delivers a smooth transition between solutions.
  • Efficient use of resources allows your organization to do more with less.
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