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The world’s first complete technology for building and running clouds.


Over the last few decades the IT industry has evolved into complex, discrete silos of compute, network and storage, with layers upon layers of software, all provided by a multitude of vendors, focused on ever smaller parts of the puzzle. Teams of discrete IT specialists are needed to thread it all together to make something that’s useful, secure and reliable.

It’s a complexity brick wall, and global IT is charging toward it. It serves the vendors, but it doesn’t serve the customers.

No more.


Starting From Scratch

What if you ignored those silos? What if you started with a single end goal in mind and thought through every facet of the design and manufacture of meeting that end goal, stripping out the fat, ignoring convention, removing fragmentation, and fully integrating the product realisation process from the start? You could then completely transform the experience of deploying and running cloud infrastructure.

The Cloud, Transformed

You could address at source the IT skills crisis by radically simplifying the skills required. You could build a high performance, infinitely scalable, resilient and adaptable technology architecture that can operate on a fraction of the energy, and that can be inspected and audited for security and sovereignty at a level of granularity never before seen.

It would mean you were experiencing the groundbreaking technology that is HyperCloud.