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A company forged from the pressures of the ocean rises to meet the challenges of modern data centre infrastructure

At the bottom of the ocean, high performance, low power, ultra-dependable tools are non-negotiable. ‘Mission Critical’ really means something when colleagues’ lives are at stake. This high-pressure environment fostered a rigorous approach to design and manufacture with unwaveringly high standards.

Like life itself, SoftIron’s origins are in the ocean.

After 12 years of developing a deep understanding of specialisation and customisation through engineering marine computing products, SoftIron Limited was established in London by Norman Fraser, Phil Straw and Mark Chen in 2012.

But unlike the first fish that transitioned to living on land, our founders already knew exactly what they wanted next: to create an undeniably superior, custom-designed, end-to-end data infrastructure platform that’s accessible, easy to manage, and free of the obstacles of the past.

Specialisation fosters performance breakthroughs

SoftIron’s approach to design and manufacturing has been different from the start. We have full control over the design and manufacture of our products and our unique, integrated approach results in new benchmarks for control, performance, efficiency and security. 

Optimised to transform IT infrastructure, HyperCloud reduces hardware space and energy footprints while delivering extraordinary performance and enterprise-class ease of use.

All design, firmware, and manufacturing are done in-house, under the strictest controls. Notably, SoftIron is the only manufacturer offering auditable provenance on its’ solutions, the foundation stone of security.

SoftIron is a venture-backed company. Our investors are recognised visionaries in their fields and are committed to SoftIron’s long-term vision. Many of the team have previously worked together over the years, creating many successful IT projects. This shared history has fostered a culture that is dynamic, collegiate and rigorous in equal measure. SoftIron’s design and manufacturing breakthroughs evidence that this time-honed approach works well.

Careers with SoftIron