A world-first

HyperCloud is an innovative cloud solution meeting the stringent needs of defense, national security and government customers with demanding security and performance requirements.

HyperCloud is the world’s first complete technology for building and running clouds in private, hybrid and air-gapped environments. SoftIron is the first company to have taken a holistic approach to developing a singular and unified cloud technology platform that is secure by design, not by remediation, across its hardware and software components.

HyperCloud’s security controls are architected into the bedrock of the technology to ensure that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information stored on the cloud is protected, controllable and accessible up to the highest level of security classifications.

Unlike hyperscalers, HyperCloud is delivered with full access to all its capabilities “out of the box,” with no additional licensing required to access any features, compute, or storage capacity. The virtual machines (VMs) within HyperCloud are easily bursted to public clouds like AWS and Azure, allowing for effectively infinite, real-time scalability. This turns the public cloud into a business utility, not a bottomless cost center.

HyperCloud is a secure, sustainable and infinitely scalable technology that remodels private and hybrid cloud environments to meet increasingly complex and sophisticated data security and sovereignty requirements.

Powering national security

Sandia National Laboratories Peraton United States Air Force

HyperCloud’s next-generation technology is relied upon by select military and government organizations and major primes to power their growing cloud needs. SoftIron is committed to delivering innovative and quality products and services to meet the needs of national security customers and sustain their critical advantage and security in cyberspace.


Improved private and hybrid cloud models are essential for maintaining the technological edge

The global move to the cloud is inexorable, however, current on-premises private and hybrid clouds are too expensive, require a significant workforce to maintain and fail to meet the ever-increasing demands for sovereignty and security. HyperCloud is an innovative cloud technology that changes the very nature of private and hybrid cloud deployments.

Secure by design

SoftIron has embedded security as a fundamental element of the system design of HyperCloud. Across all the hardware and software components, HyperCloud’s security controls are automated and architected into the bedrock of the technology to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information stored and shared on the cloud.

Hyperscale public cloud simplicity for sovereign private and hybrid deployments

HyperCloud makes living with the cloud easy by delivering hyperscale public cloud simplicity for private and hybrid deployments.

Designed to run in denied environments and at the tactical edge

HyperCloud can deploy a complete cloud stack in 8U powered by just a standard 2KW electrical circuit, turning any suitably secured location into an edge environment.

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Investing in sovereign capability and resilience

SoftIron Australia’s first Advanced Computer Manufacturing Facility was officially inaugurated on November 14, 2022. The facility was opened by the Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite, the Assistant Minister for Defence and local member for Kingsford Smith, in Australia. He was joined by CEO Phil Straw and COO Jason Van der Schyff.

It’s impossible to create a “true” sovereign cloud based on an IT platform pieced together from obfuscated hardware and software, regardless of who is operating it and where it is located. That is why SoftIron has invested considerably in advanced sovereign ICT manufacturing facilities in Sydney and California to enable truly sovereign cloud initiatives and to strengthen local supply chains and workforces.

Discover HyperCloud security

HyperCloud is an innovative private cloud solution meeting the stringent needs of defense, national security and government customers.
Deploy cloud at your data centre or co-lo in half a day and (less than) half a rack, with only generalist IT skills.
An audible answer to the security gaps in the global supply chain.
HyperCloud’s software stack has been developed over a decade to deliver a vertically integrated architecture that abstracts away complexity deep in the system.
HyperCloud’s proven technology is already in use in highly sensitive environments across Australia, the United States and other NATO countries.
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