Around the clock, around the world, around your needs.

SoftIron has rethought what it means to be a world-class enterprise technology company in the 21st century. Support cannot be an afterthought and cannot be transactional when it comes to providing cloud as a product. Our globally distributed organizational strategy means we have support and engineering skills around the world to help wherever you are, whenever you need it. We provide many support and support planning options to fit your service availability goals.

HyperCloud support references

Flexible security needs

Need to keep your data on your premises? No problem. Need to talk to a support person in your region? We can help with that. Our support solutions are designed to be mindful of stringent security requirements.

No finger pointing, no excuses

HyperCloud is a true private cloud solution that includes hardware, operating systems, virtualization technologies, software-defined infrastructure, cloud orchestration software, and multi-tenancy software. All designed and delivered by SoftIron. No multi-vendor support contracts. No warm hand-offs. One throat to choke.

SoftIron’s legendary HyperSafe® support

SoftIron’s legendary HyperSafe support
Standard Premium
HyperCloud patches, bug fixes, updates, upgrades
Web-based and phone-based support
Unlimited incidents per period
HyperCloud knowledge base access
Managed updates
Authorized points of contact Unlimited Unlimited
Service response SLA
11x5x4 (7am-6pm; Mon-Fri; 4hr response time)
24x7x4 (4hr response time)
L2 Engineer access and periodic service reviews
Hardware replacement 4 business days 2 business days
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