Deploy cloud on your turf in half a day and (with less than) half a rack.

That’s quite a claim, we know, considering the “cloud-washers” of the industry will take weeks, or even months to get you up and running—and charge you for the privilege. With HyperCloud, configure and purchase your initial cloud configuration, have it shipped to your location, rack, stack, configure a few basic parameters and then sit back and let HyperCloud’s fleet intelligence do the rest.

Start with as little as 8RU of rack space, and scale-out practically limitlessly from there.

Scale independently

HyperCloud’s fleet of atomic nodes offer incredible versatility in deploying your initial configuration and scaling it. Each having the same atomic DNA, they operate and integrate seamlessly with each other, never out of step, never incompatible, always interoperable. Grow your compute or storage at different rates, no hyperconverged nonsense here!

SoftIron atomic nodes

A comprehensive range of nodes designed to be independently selected and scaled to meet a wide variety of workloads across your private cloud infrastructure, whatever the location, and however those requirements change and grow.

All nodes are 1RU in form factor and share the same common platform design that enables HyperCloud’s fleet intelligence and low power, efficient operation.


General purpose compute: x86 compute nodes based on 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ with densities up to 64 cores and up to 2TB DDR4 per 1RU node.

High performance compute: Intelligence nodes based on a (NVIDIA A10) GPU architecture with one or two GPUs per 1RU node.

Task accelerated compute: Intelligence nodes based on dedicated ASICs and FPGAs to perform a single task, very efficiently.

Available today for 4K HEVC transcoding 8–256 input streams to as many as 512 output streams.


Density: HDD “spinning disk” data storage at capacities between 48TB–240TB per 1RU node.

Performance: SSD “flash” storage at capacities between 56TB–112TB per 1RU node.

Performance+: NVMe storage at capacities between 26–56TB per 1RU node.


Management Interconnects: Form a 1GbE dedicated Out of Band (OOB) network between all nodes in the cluster, as well as holding fleet intelligence data to provision and manage nodes.

Performance Interconnects: Form a 25GbE redundant network between all nodes for smaller cloud infrastructures, with 100GbE inter-rack connectivity for larger deployments.

Dive into the details

Need to see under the hood? Desperate to see how it works? Line up a call with one of our solutions architects for access to all the granular details on how HyperCloud is put together.

Discover HyperCloud

Take a deep dive into the technology layers underpinning HyperCloud’s reductive architecture.
Integrated management to enable self service and multi-tenant deployments across private and hybrid infrastructure.
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