Tired of using a manager’s management stack to manage your management stacks?

VMware products are overly complex and difficult to configure, and require a significant amount of system resources to run. VM Squared is streamlined, straightforward, and efficient. That experience begins with the migration process.

Our migration tool delivers a smooth transition between solutions

Catalyst, our migration tool will convert both the virtual machine disk data and the configuration data between VMware and VM Squared, and additionally set up some of the temporary files and connection parameters for the user.

What you’ll need

  • The basic requirements to run VM Squared
  • Download the VMware to VM Squared migration tool
  • SSH access to an ESXi host:
    • Enable SSH in vCenter
    • Ensure firewall allows SSH traffic
    • Set password for the root user
  • VMs prepared:
    • VMs vMotioned to the ESXi host
    • VMs to be migrated are powered off
  • Address of your VM Squared system
  • A VM Squared user account able to create VMs/Templates
  • SSH access to VM Squared

The migration process

  • Write the ESXi root password into a file or setup key-based authentication.
  • Run Catalyst with the inventory command to generate a list of VMs.
  • Edit the generated file in the staging directory, leaving only the VMs to be migrated.
  • Decide whether you need snapshots. Consolidating snapshots takes a lot of time.
  • Run the Catalyst convert command to migrate VMs to VM Squared.

Terraform CI/CD workflow migration

Migration of these processes to VM Squared is exceedingly straightforward; simply replace the VMware Terraform Provider with the VM Squared Terraform Provider. Users will then be able to deploy VMs on VM Squared by choosing a cloud image with QCOW2 or RAW image format in place of their current VMDK format.

Imagine this on your own private cloud

Discover VM Squared

  • Multi-tenancy out of the box. Automatic node detection. And that’s just the beginning.
  • Watch videos illustrating some of the useful functions and configuration options available in VM Squared.
  • Straightforward pricing with no surprises and everything you need out of the box.
  • Efficient use of resources allows your organization to do more with less.
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