Our team members

  1. Norman Fraser PhD

    Norman Fraser PhD

    Co-founder & Chairman
  2. Phil Straw

    Phil Straw

    Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
  3. Jason Van der Schyff

    Jason Van der Schyff

    Chief Operating Officer
  4. Mark Chen

    Mark Chen

    Chief Security Officer
  5. Kenny Van Alstyne

    Kenny Van Alstyne

    Chief Technology Officer
  6. David Dinerman

    David Dinerman

    Chief Financial Officer
  7. Phil Crocker

    Phil Crocker

    Chief Revenue Officer
  8. Harry Richardson

    Harry Richardson

    Chief Scientist
  9. Mason Katz

    Mason Katz

    Chief Architect
  10. Marie (Mars) D’Arcy

    Marie (Mars) D’Arcy

    Chief of Staff
  11. Greg Bruno PhD

    Greg Bruno PhD

    VP, Software Engineering
  12. Robert Drury PhD

    Robert Drury PhD

    VP, Platform Engineering
  13. Katie Wright

    Katie Wright

    VP, Operations
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