It makes good sense to run cloud workloads in containers—they enhance portability, scalability and efficiency.

But making sure your private cloud supports containers isn’t so easy for a variety of reasons:

  • There are many container standards to support
  • Variety of container orchestration standards to support
  • Persistent storage for ephemeral workloads is not easy to accomplish

Making sure your private cloud is container-ready is not easy.

SoftIron can help…

First, SoftIron’s HyperCloud supports all popular container standards, such as Docker, Podman, and LXC. We even support bare-metal containers. We also support all container orchestration solutions like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Nomad.

But, beyond basic container and orchestration support, HyperCloud provides a rich ecosystem through our marketplace. Customers can download what they need from a wide range of ready-to-run VMs or container images, such as Linux, OpenSuse, gateways, load balancers, monitoring solutions, and others. Finally, we support serverless computing through our support for lightweight, ultra-high-speed micro-VMs.

Containers at a glance


Support for Docker, Podman, LXD/LXC, containerd, rkt, CRI-O, Nanos, RunC, Kata, crun, Firecracker.


Orchestration for Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Nomad, OpenShift, Mesophere, Rancher, KubeSphere, SwarmKit.


The SoftIron marketplace contains a wide range of VMs and container workloads to get your private cloud up and running quickly and efficiently.

You can use our technology to build your own marketplaces.


SoftIron builds all VMs and container images in-house, giving you access to a complete provenance for everything. This vastly improves your security and auditability.


HyperCloud supports containers and orchestration out-of-the-box, so you’re operational immediately.

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HyperCloud simply and independently scales compute and storage resources to support more compute-intensive private cloud projects from day one, or one hundred.
HyperCloud lets you can deploy, manage, and curate your on-premises storage with the advantage you’re used to in the public cloud.
HyperCloud provides a unified hardware and software solution that lets you run virtual workloads at typically half the price and with a fraction of the complexity.
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