Alliance Partners

SoftIron is proud to work in association with leading foundations that are pioneering breakthrough and sustainable projects that benefit the wider industry, and ultimately the end-users who come to rely on their technology.


Ceph Foundation

SoftIron is a proud Premier and founding member of The Ceph Foundation, and holds a seat on the board. The foundation exists to enable industry members to collaborate and pool resources to support the Ceph project community. The Foundation provides an open, collaborative, and neutral home for project stakeholders to coordinate their development and community investments in the Ceph ecosystem.

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Linux Foundation

SoftIron is a Silver member of The Linux Foundation. The foundation supports the creation of sustainable open source ecosystems by providing financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training.

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Cloud Native Computing Foundation

SoftIron is a Silver member of The Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The foundation builds sustainable ecosystems and fosters communities to support the growth and health of cloud native open source software.

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Technology Partners

SoftIron works with a select group of Technology Partners where we can add value for customers by way of collaboration, testing and/or fulfillment at a solution level.



Access Technology Alliance Partner

Veeam® is the leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™, providing a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing data.

Our HyperDrive platform has been tested and verified compatible “Veeam Ready — Object with Immutability” making it the perfect platform for customers wishing to deploy Veeam’s backup and replication capabilities in a hybrid cloud architecture.
S3 Object Lock makes data immutable by blocking object version deletion during a customer-defined retention period. This means retention policies can be enforced adding a layer of data protection (making it less vulnerable to hackers via encryption or deletion) and/or for regulatory compliance.

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iRODS Consortium

SoftIron has joined the Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) Consortium, which supports the development of free open-source software for data discovery, workflow automation, secure collaboration, and data virtualization. In joining the consortium, whose data management platform is used globally by research, commercial and governmental organizations, SoftIron has certified that its open source, Ceph-based HyperDrive® Storage Appliances are compatible with the iRODS Architecture.

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SoftIron are one of AMD’s leading hardware partners for their Opteron A1100 – an enterprise-class ARM-based SOC. At the heart of our ARM based HyperDrive products, the Opteron A1100 enables us to deliver scale-out performance, energy efficiency and optimized TCO.

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Ceph enables data replication for a high degree of fault tolerance, enabling the design of systems that are both self-healing and self-managing, minimizing administration time and costs. Arm SoCs enable Ceph to take advantage of low power solutions, while balancing compute performance and energy efficiency with deeply integrated and large-scale direct media connectivity.

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Channel Partners

More information about SoftIron’s Channel Partner Program will be revealed soon.

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