VM Squared™

One product.
Limitless VMs

VM Squared delivers modern server virtualization.

A one-for-one replacement for VMware vSphere, delivering more on your existing infrastructure and providing a pathway towards true private cloud.


On-prem that behaves like cloud

A true private cloud—a fixed-cost, public cloud experience, completely owned, on your terms, and your turf, without the cost of building or operating it.

Trusted around the world

Some of the customers who rely on SoftIron today.

2degrees Peraton United States Air Force Etage NCI Sandia National Laboratories THG US Signal

Only HyperCloud delivers a true cloud experience

  • Build like cloud

    HyperCloud is not your ordinary solution. It goes beyond that, offering a comprehensive set of meticulously crafted building blocks that serve as the bedrock for a transformative era in IT infrastructure.

    HyperCloud is meticulously designed, not assembled, to ensure that every single element, be it the sovereign manufactured hardware components or the robust software architecture, works harmoniously to elevate and empower your operations.

  • Deploy like cloud

    With the simplicity and speed reminiscent of cloud computing, HyperCloud empowers you to deploy and manage infrastructure components effortlessly.

    Whether you’re creating new virtual instances, rolling out applications, or provisioning services, HyperCloud brings the cloud’s agility and efficiency to your on-premises environment.

  • Scale like cloud

    HyperCloud equips you with the tools to effortlessly expand your resources in response to demand, just like the dynamic nature of cloud environments.

    Whether it’s adding more computing power, storage capacity, or network resources, HyperCloud’s flexible and efficient scaling capabilities ensure that you can meet your business requirements without the constraints of traditional hardware.

  • Manage like cloud

    Break free from the complexities and limitations of legacy infrastructure management. HyperCloud grants you the power to orchestrate resources effortlessly, mirroring the fluidity of cloud services.

    With a unified interface and robust tools, efficiently provision, monitor, and enhance your infrastructure elements. Embrace intuitive, adaptable resource management like the cloud, and redirect your focus to strategic innovation.

Other clouds just don’t get it

Leftovers might make for a good stew, but they’re a recipe for failure in the private cloud. The ingredients of your cloud infrastructure shouldn’t be a mystery. We are the only private cloud vendors who make everything you need from scratch. And it makes all the difference.

HyperCloud in action

Capturing flight data at the edge

The United States Air Force 96th Test Wing stores 5.4PB per aircraft per year of audio, video, and telemetry data from test flights, all on a private cloud built using HyperCloud by SoftIron.

Revolutionary cloud services delivered

Etage enables cloud-level IT agility, elasticity and security at drastically lower operational and energy costs.

Bringing scale and efficiency

US Signal, a MidWest MSP found more effective cluster management across disparate sites with better resilience to enable stringent SLA adherence with HyperCloud.

Unlocking infinite scalability & resilience

THG’s state of the art platform Ingenuity—built on HyperCloud by SoftIron—not only supports, but accelerates their ecommerce business and is the power behind well-known gaming, streaming and hosting brands.

Our private cloud vision

From day one, our mission has been to build true private cloud. Hear why, and how we’ve built just that.

What is private cloud?

  • Kenny Van Alstyne
  • CTO
  • 3:15

Don’t build your own cloud

  • Phil Crocker
  • CRO
  • 1:55

HyperCloud in high-security environments

  • Jason Van der Schyff
  • COO
  • 2:35
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