Integrated management to enable self-service and multi-tenant deployments across private and hybrid infrastructure.

Deploying infrastructure in your data center is one thing. Living with it is something entirely different. It’s here where HyperCloud’s architecture sets it apart from cloud-washed solutions and legacy IT infrastructure.

Manage any size of cloud as one.

HyperCloud’s architecture

Upgrades & patches

Upgrades and patches are a single image for the entire cloud, regardless of its architecture. Apply it once and watch it roll out over your HyperCloud autonomously, delivering zero service downtime, no matter how big your cloud is.

Lifecycle management becomes totally consistent. No surprises. No “snowflakes.”

Scaling resources

Grow your infrastructure’s footprint with zero-touch provisioning and de-provisioning of new nodes, of whatever kind, with configuration and assimilation managed autonomously using the fleet intelligence held within HyperCloud.

Scaling your private cloud is easy. No multi-vendor issues. No incompatability surprises.


Integrate HyperCloud quickly and easily into your chosen observability platform. Choose from ready-built templates for platforms such as Grafana available in the HyperCloud marketplace, or use HyperCloud’s RESTful API to build your own integration.

Keeping an eye on your infrastructure has never been so easy. Only one pane of glass. Ever.


Management operations in HyperCloud are natively built-in and automated, including tasks such as self-healing storage, scaling compute, and upgrades.

Certificates, DNS, authentication and more are all a single command or API call away.

Tenancy management

HyperCloud’s native secure multi-tenancy management enables you to create and manage multiple tenants with fine-grain control over their permissions.

Set policies to maximize efficiency and maintain security and service availability for all.


Create showback rules for your cluster, tenants or groups of tenants to gather information and input usage information into your chosen accounting or billing system.

Keep the CFO happy with accurate and granular cost reporting across all your tenants.

Hybrid cloud

HyperCloud natively supports deployment to popular public clouds and enables the management of EC2, GCP and Azure instances from a single pane of glass.

Elastically scale out or burst HyperCloud workloads to the public cloud as you need to. True hybrid cloud.

Regions and zones

Deploy in different regions, and deploy and migrate workloads between regions and availability zones, all while managing what appears as a single logical cloud.

HyperCloud supports cloud federation with centralized authentication and tenancy management.

Discover HyperCloud

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