Enterprises increasingly appreciate that some storage needs to stay on-premises because of security, cost, latency, or sheer volume. At SoftIron, you should not give up the conveniences of the cloud for on-premises storage of your sensitive data and applications.

HyperCloud appliances are purpose-designed and manufactured to operate as a single entity managed through a one-pane dashboard, much like any public cloud service. HyperCloud lets you deploy, manage, and curate robust on-premises with the scalability, elasticity, and durability you expect of the cloud. Plus, HyperCloud’s Secure Provenance raises security standards even further.

HyperCloud is not derived from old-server technology: Cloud is its DNA. Each unit becomes part of your private HyperCloud as you add more. From the first power-up, each appliance finds its peers on the network and joins your HyperCloud fleet, seamlessly expanding your on-premises cloud intelligence and capacity.

You get all the benefits of cloud behavior with the proprietary control that comes with an on-premises data center facility.

Storage at a glance


Scale storage independently from your compute. You can start small and grow all the way up to petabyte or exabyte size, all within your own private cloud environment.


Build a storage pool to use across your entire company, and then provision or deprovision storage programmatically (or via our GUI) as you need it. It's like having the best of dedicated servers and a public cloud provider in one.


HyperCloud has security built in from the inside out. Since HyperCloud is a single-vendor solution (nothing is assembled), and you have full visibility into our software and hardware provenance, security is robust.


Managing storage using HyperCloud is as simple as public cloud—that’s the point! Use our GUI (similar to the AWS Console) or our APIs for everything related to your infrastructure management, from cloud resources to workloads. Updates are done with a single image for the entire HyperCloud platform, not piece by piece.


HyperCloud provides multi-tenancy and offers full showback and chargeback. So, your teams can pay as they go, just as with public cloud.


HyperCloud gives you low-latency access and high throughput, ensuring that your applications perform at their best.

HyperCloud in action

Capturing flight data at the edge

The United States Air Force 96th Test Wing stores 5.4PB per aircraft per year of audio, video, and telemetry data from test flights, all on a private cloud built using HyperCloud by SoftIron.

Unlocking infinite scalability & resilience

THG’s state of the art platform Ingenuity—built on HyperCloud by SoftIron—not only supports, but accelerates their ecommerce business and is the power behind well-known gaming, streaming and hosting brands.

Discover more applications

HyperCloud simply and independently scales compute and storage resources to support more compute-intensive private cloud projects from day one, or one hundred.
HyperCloud provides the single, unified infrastructure needed to run fast, efficient, and portable cloud-native workloads on your private cloud.
HyperCloud provides a unified hardware and software solution that lets you run virtual workloads at typically half the price and with a fraction of the complexity.
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