Virtualization should make IT infrastructure as easy as pressing a button. VM Squared handles the installation and setup automatically so you can get on with your work.

Ditch the hours spent wrangling your virtualization solution, and just use it. VM Squared is a holistic approach that streamlines virtualization, storage and network tasks for IT support, developers and application teams. Access all features through a unified, clean dashboard.

Hassle-free installation, upgrades and expansion

  • All-inclusive licensing.
  • No complex network setup, plug-and-go install.
  • Easily add new nodes to scale as-needed.
  • Migration tool for organizations moving from VMware.

Multi-tenancy enabled from the start

No more API sprawl

The VM Squared API provides a single, modern, RESTful API covering all aspects of infrastructure, virtualisation, storage, network and user administration for the cloud system. VM Squared allows customers to set a CPU/RAM/disk cost and retrieve accounting information from the API without additional extensions.

Security and resilience based on proven success

VM Squared inherits from the exceptional approach we took to resilience and security with HyperCloud.

  • Secure appliance with OS and applications designed for high security environments.
  • Highly available by default with included clustering and distributed storage.
  • Distributed control plane and storage.
  • Move VMs between hosts with zero downtime.
  • Fully automated self-managing cluster with auto-detection of new nodes.

Full control over networking

  • Manage network configuration for individual VMs and tenants via VM Squared’s intuitive dashboard.
  • Virtual machine networking is conducted entirely apart from hypervisor communication traffic.
  • Avoid service disruption by keeping your networking intact during maintenance on your cluster.

Your first step towards true private cloud

VM Squared provides a streamlined, modern approach to virtualization that will run on your existing hardware. VM Squared is also a direct pathway towards running your own true private cloud, as easy (and often, easier) to manage as the best public cloud offerings on the market today. All because VM Squared’s DNA is inherited from HyperCloud, our private cloud solution that takes a holistic, secure provenance approach to private cloud.

VM Squared is a way to make virtualization work for you. HyperCloud takes that further, uniting purpose-built hardware with software in a way no other private cloud platform does. So if your organization is ready to move from just solving virtualization headaches towards a strategic shift that reduces operational overhead and opens up opportunities to deliver private cloud solutions in ways your competitors could only dream of, the upgrade path from VM Squared to HyperCloud makes that possible.

Imagine this on your own private cloud

Discover VM Squared

  • Watch videos illustrating some of the useful functions and configuration options available in VM Squared.
  • Our migration tool delivers a smooth transition between solutions.
  • Straightforward pricing with no surprises and everything you need out of the box.
  • Efficient use of resources allows your organization to do more with less.
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