SoftIron is committed to creating shorter, more resilient, and more transparent supply chains by investing in advanced ICT manufacturing capabilities in AUKUS partner countries.

SoftIron leverages a key principle currently guiding national security procurement policy in AUKUS and allied markets: sovereign capability. In fact, we are the only technology company that has made it our mission to address sovereign capability from the ground up.

The problem is that today it’s virtually impossible to know what’s really in the hardware and software being used to run mission-critical applications. After all, multiple suppliers across multiple countries touch all the different pieces of technology in most solutions, even if they are finally assembled domestically. And it’s impossible to create a “true” sovereign cloud based on an IT platform pieced together from obfuscated hardware and software, regardless of who is operating it and where it is located.

Our strategy of manufacturing as close as possible to our customers—otherwise known as Edge Manufacturing—provides an unrivaled basis upon which to build sovereign clouds with HyperCloud. We have designed our business to efficiently replicate manufacturing, audit and control wherever our customers are, developing a local workforce that is highly skilled in technology manufacturing in the process.

SoftIron Australia’s first Advanced Computer Manufacturing Facility was officially inaugurated on November 14, 2022. The facility was opened by the Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite, the Assistant Minister for Defence and local member for Kingsford Smith, in Australia. He was joined by CEO Phil Straw and COO Jason Van der Schyff.

Advanced ICT manufacturing

SoftIron opened its first advanced ICT manufacturing facility in Australia in November 2022 to supplement our existing manufacturing facility in Newark, California. Located in Botany, NSW, this factory was partly funded by a $1.5m grant from the Australian Department of Defence through the Sovereign Industrial Capability Program. With this factory, HyperCloud will be manufactured in Australia by Australians providing the country with a more resilient and truly sovereign cloud capability that is not beholden to the whims of strategic competitors and geopolitics.

Put simply, HyperCloud is the most comprehensive way for AUKUS partners and allies to build and run highly efficient, resilient and infinitely scalable sovereign clouds on their terms and turf with auditable provenance of every piece of hardware and software.


AUKUS nations’ current dependence on foreign-sourced ICT componentry and the electronics supply chain that supports it represents a major vulnerability. As the flow of information expands and accelerates, AUKUS allies will demand new levels of information security, collaboration and interoperability between governments and their industry partners.

HyperCloud allows for seamless, highly secure interoperability with other industry platforms, such as Azure, AWS and other DTA-certified cloud providers, ensuring effective, timely and secure collaboration across government and industry. And, unlike our competitors who build their products in low-cost labor markets, at SoftIron we manufacture our products only in AUKUS-partner countries.

This means SoftIron’s products can be operated interchangeably across the US, the UK and Australia.

With Group Headquarters in the UK, operating subsidiaries in manufacturing, engineering and operations focused in the US and Australia, and with the global leadership team spread between AUKUS nations, SoftIron is uniquely organized to support sovereign AUKUS initiatives and increase industry engagement.

Discover HyperCloud security

HyperCloud is an innovative private cloud solution meeting the stringent needs of defense, national security and government customers.
An audible answer to the security gaps in the global supply chain.
HyperCloud’s software stack has been developed over a decade to deliver a vertically integrated architecture that abstracts away complexity deep in the system.
HyperCloud’s proven technology is already in use in highly sensitive environments across Australia, the United States and other NATO countries.
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