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A trusted, secure, unified data management and backup solution that is based on open source, software-defined storage


SoftIron® is proud to be an accredited Veeam® Technology Alliance Partner.

Our HyperDrive® software-defined storage solution is verified for compatibility
against the “Veeam Ready for Object” and “Veeam Ready for Object with Immutability” criteria.

HyperDrive + Veeam paves the way for seamless integration into multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies, whilst also supporting a number of performance tiers within the same architecture. All whilst underpinning a high degree of data security from both accidental and malicious data manipulation and/or loss.

Overcoming fragmentation and complexity to improve performance

The storage demands of many organizations are becoming increasingly complex. Many are now looking to software-defined storage architectures to give them the combination of flexibility and performance which they require. Capability requirements and performance metrics are varied, from unified architectures that support block, file and object storage to hybrid-cloud integration, scalability, resilience and security.

SoftIron’s HyperDrive is a unique, software-defined storage solution that is purpose-built to optimize the power of open source Ceph, delivering a highly flexible, resilient and scalable storage solution.

HyperDrive Software-Defined Storage is the Perfect Complement to Veeam

HyperDrive’s task-specific design delivers superior performance, unparalleled efficiency, and secure provenance. Coupled with our intuitive management tool, HyperDrive enables the simplified adoption of open source storage at scale within the enterprise, providing unprecedented levels of granular control over their Ceph software and storage hardware.

Now, with the added benefit of Veeam Ready Object with Immutability verification, a further write once, ready many (WORM) copy of the data can be offloaded to an S3 compatible public cloud platform, enabling a full 3-2-1 data backup strategy to be achieved seamlessly, delivering protection from ransomware type attacks.

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