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Manage the Cloud, Not the Infrastructure

HyperCloud reinvents the experience of being responsible for resiliency and performance for managing cloud services. Our one technology, one fleet approach eliminates swathes of manual or carefully scripted processes, intricate knob fiddling and fine-tuning deep in the cloud fabric.
It’s gone. For good.


Faster Time to Value

Now the “lights are kept on” automatically by HyperCloud it frees your time to add value in more meaningful ways. Accelerate the delivery of new services, extend and grow your application marketplace. Support an accelerated plan to migrate more data and workloads to your own cloud provision.  

In the HyperCloud world, you become a service provider from day one. Everything needed to deliver robust virtualisation, containerised, data, networking, and application services, as well as fleet and tenancy management, is one integrated, seamless experience.

Radical Simplicity, Delivered

No external IP connectivity is needed; every aspect of HyperCloud management arrives integrated on the HyperCloud Nodes and is distributed across them for resilience. As you scale your cloud by adding nodes, you’re automatically scaling your management and resiliency too. Need to run your cloud air-gapped and isolated? Want to burst to multiple clouds or federate between them? Now you can – all in one place.

Management of hardware and software is unified in our unique Fleet management approach. Shaping, delivering and managing your custom cloud service to your tenants is all there, too, in HyperCloud’s fully integrated Service Delivery.


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