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A cloud’s only a cloud when you deliver a service.

Clouds are only clouds because of the experience they deliver to their users. That self-service, choose from the menu, consumable infrastructure on-demand. That ability to expand and contract what you use like you’re on a piece of elastic, and pay for it all for just as long as it makes sense.

And of course – deliver all of that in a way that’s super resilient and secure across and between all the tenants in the cloud.

If the “cloud” vendor you’re talking to doesn’t deliver that capability “out of the box”, then they’re not really selling you a cloud.

There are two key elements to building and running your service delivery – securely managing the tenants in your cloud, and then how best to drive usage of the powerful cloud infrastructure that you are providing. In designing your service catalogue  – exposing tenants to an optimal set of useful templates, services and applications to accelerate their usage of the cloud infrastructure, you’ll be delivering that addictive cloud experience to which they’re already hooked.

Third party applications can integrate with HyperCloud using the well-documented API.  We even supply bindings for Ruby, Python, Go, and Java to accelerate application integration development without having to implement the API yourself.

With HyperCloud, Service Delivery is on your turf and on your terms.


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