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You can be as simple, or get as sophisticated in building out your service catalogue, as you like. Whether you’re an internal or external service provider, the suite of templates, services and apps you provide will enable your tenants to get rapid and full utilisation of your cloud. HyperCloud makes it easy for you to integrate hundreds of freely available templates from a variety of public marketplaces, Docker hub and more. The HyperCloud Marketplace includes a number of pre-made templates specially designed to be used inside a HyperCloud deployment, such as Microsoft Windows, virtual network appliances, etc. You can even snapshot live virtual machines and add them as templates for other tenants to use.

And that’s not all. You can choose to create different service catalogues for different tenants or groups of tenants, giving your tenants the best possible experience that meets their needs.

Need more inspiration or quick tutorials and reference code for common use cases? The SoftIron team also maintains a Github repository of examples of ways in which you use and integrate with HyperCloud’s capabilities supported by tutorial videos on YouTube.

Browse the MarketPlace

Use the public marketplaces provided in HyperCloud to allow rapid cloud utilisation using publicly available open source operating systems, such as CentOS Stream, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, etc.

Custom Templates

HyperCloud supports the building and export of custom templates into your own marketplace, which can then be used in any HyperCloud deployment inside your environment.

Sophisticated Showback Metering

Set up sophisticated showback metering to monitor usage at both a tenant and group level, in all sorts of creative ways, then connect that to your billing or accounting platform of choice to get maximum value from your service provision.