SoftIron has listened to its user community and understands that there is a need for clarity surrounding the lifecycle of the HyperDrive product line. This document intends, in conjunction with the SoftIron End-of-Life Policy (the “EOL Policy”), to provide clarification of the SoftIron HyperDrive product support lifecycle. For definitions, please reference the EOL Policy.


SoftIron HyperDrive branded products are considered in scope. This includes the HMxxxxx, HDxxxxx, and HRxxxxx product families and associated support agreements.


  • Wasn’t HyperDrive already End-of-Life? What changed?
    • HyperDrive was not an end-of-life product (EOL) per the Policy definition. Previously, all available hardware models were end-of-sale (EOS) with no replacement SKUs available. Replacement SKUs are now available.
  • Why were no replacement SKUs available?
    • HyperDrive hardware nodes were based on AMD’s A1100-series Opteron SoC. This chip was unexpectedly discontinued by the manufacturer, leaving SoftIron with no immediately available options. Pivoting to a different architecture as a drop-in-replacement for existing product SKUs took time to develop and test properly.
  • Are the replacement SKUs functionally equivalent?
    • Yes, power consumption is largely similar, while performance is generally slightly better for the replacement models. NICs and caddies are compatible between models.
  • What are the replacement SKUs?
    • Please reference the SoftIron End-of-Life policy for a current up-to-date list.
  • What if I was planning on migrating to HyperCloud? Does this impact me?
    • No. All replacement SKUs are compatible with the HyperCloud platform as well. HyperCloud remains an upgrade option for both EOS and non-EOS hardware.
  • Do I have to upgrade to HyperCloud? If I don’t, is my cluster unsupported?
    • No and no. SoftIron is committed to supporting HyperDrive until at least the Last Date of Support (“LDOS”).
  • What is the actual EOL date?
    • Per the Policy, a product reaches End-of-Life (EOL) once the Last Date of Support (LDOS) has passed. HyperDrive’s in-field LDOS is 03/30/2029. The extension of existing support contracts beyond their existing dates is subject to approval, per the Policy.

Program Details

  • New SKUs are being made available to all existing HyperDrive customers. In general SoftIron is not pursuing new HyperDrive deployments.
  • New nodes should match the existing cluster’s support end date.
  • If the existing cluster support date is less than one year, the existing cluster’s support may be extended (at cost) to one year from the purchase date of the new hardware such that net new hardware added to an existing cluster never has less than one year of support and the cluster’s support date matches the new hardware.
  • New versions of the SoftIron Manager (and backend) software are being released to support the new SKUs. Equivalent functionality is expected.
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