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We do something other manufacturers don’t. It gives us the edge, in every way.

There’s no outsourcing of the design and manufacture of SoftIron hardware. We have full control over everything we ship, enabling us to deliver secure provenance capabilities unmatched by any other vendor.

HyperDrive Storage

Up to 6 petabytes per rack at <10KW, running at true wire speed.

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Appliances and tech specs

Browse our HyperDrive Storage range.


Seamless, resilient integration with enterprise and legacy environments.

Wire speed

Achieve wire speeds from the first electron.


Radically reduce your operational costs.

Build your HyperDrive cluster

Use our HyperDrive Storage Configurator to design and build your ideal cluster.

HyperCast Transcoding

We smashed the transcoding benchmark. 32 x 4K inputs. 600+ HEVC outputs on demand.

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Appliances and Tech Specs

Browse the HyperCast transcoding range.


Radical I/O performance delivers superior transcoding capability.


The nearest competitor needs 64x more rack space. This is not hyperbole, this is HyperCast.

HyperSwitch Networking

Purpose built to provide lightning fast, wire-speed connectivity.

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Appliances and Tech Specs

Browse the HyperSwitch networking range.

Wire speed

HyperSwitch is the only ethernet switch with balanced I/O capacity, ensuring wire speed to the TOR and beyond.


The only network switch with auditable provenance.