Software Defined Storage is becoming the standard for new storage deployments in the modern data center.

The SoftIron HyperDrive portfolio of enterprise storage appliances is ideal for these new deployments. HyperDrive is an easy-to-deploy system specifically architected for Ceph and optimized at every level of the technology stack. Software and hardware have been engineered in unison to deliver the very best performance and density. HyperDrive also delivers a new level of storage economics that drastically reduces the acquisition and operating cost for storage pools of any size.


Hybrid HDD/SSD



Enterprise Data Center Scale Out

The modern data center requires software defined storage that must be dense, performant, economical, and agile. HyperDrive is built in atomic units of network/ storage that easily and automatically scales from small to very large deployments. Adding additional storage is as easy as connecting the network and power cables on the new HyperDrive storage appliance.

Performant and Agile

The software defined data center must move beyond application/storage silos to offer a new virtual data store that is accessible to all applications. To accomplish this, it is important that the virtualized data pool have plenty of performance to handle simultaneously storage requests from many applications. All SoftIron HyperDrive products are engineered to operate at wire speed. The HyperDrive 5000 is an all-SSD product that can deliver wire speed performance on its optional 40 gigabit/sec ethernet port for particularly high performance requirements. With object storage, overall data store performance increases as additional storage nodes are added. This feature allows many virtual machines to attach to a virtualized data store without compromising the performance required by the applications.

The HyperDrive storage portfolio is built to work together seamlessly. Growing a storage pool is as easy as adding a new HyperDrive, and the management of the pool is performed via a secure web interface. Data resilience and physical location are configurable and self-managing.

Density and Economics

Density can be directly related to capital costs in the data center. Data centers today face a dilemma: they require massive storage growth and yet are constrained by the currently available floor space. It is therefore imperative that new storage pools fit into the smallest possible space. The HyperDrive products deliver the best combination of density, performance and value. SoftIron HyperDrive can reduce your storage costs by 30-80% and still maintain leading-edge levels of performance.

Technical Specifications

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