While “Cloud First” architectures and processes have become mainstream in modern enterprises, that doesn’t mean that all workloads are now in the cloud. In fact research suggests nearly around two thirds of organisations still have significant and growing applications and data in their own data centres. So how do you architect the best backup and recovery strategy to efficiently bridge these two worlds?

Join SoftIron’s Danny Abukalam to understand how combining the capability and flexibility of HyperCloud and Veeam can do just that—whether you are an existing Veeam customer looking for cloud native storage, a HyperCloud customer wanting to use your cloud to unify backup and recovery across you entire on-premises infrastructure, or a service provider looking for platform on which to launch a combined HyperCloud/Veeam based Storage and backup as a service offering.

By the end of the webinar you’ll understand:

  • The challenges of unifying backup and recovery in a hybrid cloud environment
  • How HyperCloud’s unique architecture, partnered with Veeam can unify and simplify your strategy
  • Veeam Service Providers can harness the simplest, most efficient and uniquely sovereign way to build out a competitive commercial “as a service” offering
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