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Balance your current HPC performance and storage needs with a solution that can evolve to meet future needs as they arise

High performance computing challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from addressing the requirements to efficiently manage data collections throughout their lifecycle, to minimising the carbon footprint generated by HPC clusters. SoftIron appliances are innately suited to addressing these challenges as part of your HPC platform, delivering economical performance and limitless scale.

Consolidate your storage footprint across the data life cycle

Our HyperDrive range includes a mix of performance (NVMe) and capacity (HDD) appliances that can easily provide multiple storage tiers (hot, cold, archive) within a single name space.

Reduce your carbon emissions

Efficient IT infrastructure is a crucial step forward for HPC organisations looking to reduce their carbon impact. HyperDrive fundamentally reduces power and cooling requirements by being engineered specifically for Ceph, achieving efficiency and longevity impossible with generic hardware.

Deliver high performance HPC infrastructure almost anywhere

Maximise the storage potential of your spaces, even the ones that go beyond the traditional four walls of the data centre. SoftIron’s platform features dense, power-efficient storage, all in a 1U form factor that requires up to 80% less cooling than generic hardware. This makes our appliances ideal for all kinds of edge use cases, whether you’re collaborating across geographies or collecting performance data from the back of a moving vehicle.

Manage multi-tenancy storage across your HPC teams

Set bucket quotas to data, and customise durability, performance, storage protocols, and efficiency per pool, with end-to-end storage visibility through tightly integrated management. Provide the robustness and resilience of a storage system designed never to lose data, and scale as-needed, thanks to SoftIron’s streamlined process for adding additional storage nodes to your cluster via HyperDrive Storage Manager.

Why SoftIron?

Task-specific engineering that delivers power efficient performance

HyperDrive has been designed from the ground up for full interoperability with Ceph. This, combined with a form factor designed to maximise cooling efficiency, means that single racks can be densely provisioned while remaining within power limits. Filling racks in this manner, and distributing data evenly with powerful replication methods, can offer dramatic cost savings compared to traditional enterprise solutions.

Explore the benefits of fully interoperable SDS

Fully auditable secure provenance

Where other manufacturers opt to cut costs by outsourcing manufacture to third parties (and therefore passing on the supply chain risks to their customers) SoftIron takes the opposite approach.

SoftIron has in-house, full control over the design and manufacture of our products. Because of this, we can readily enable appliance integrity audits and system verification at a granular level by third parties.

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Simplify infrastructure management tasks at any scale

Skilled network and data engineers are difficult to find, and not all organisations can afford to hire one even when they’re available.

HyperDrive addresses critical skills shortages around data infrastructure management, by simplifying common data centre administration and maintenance tasks. By using SoftIron’s products, customers can conduct many previously complex data management tasks via the dashboard provided by the HyperDrive Storage Manager, and our patented “Ceph button”.

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Comprehensive, cost effective support options

SoftIron’s superior, end-to-end support and professional services are designed to help your team get the maximum value from your storage environment.
Improve your time-to-value by making use of our factory configuration services, or take advantage of our hardware support tiers for L2 engineer access and periodic service reviews.

And if you need access to industry leading expertise, our HyperSafe Ceph Support program is available to anyone running Ceph – not just those using HyperDrive.

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