It’s easy to try HyperDrive in your environment with our pre-configured storage cluster. Give it a test run in your data center for 90 days at only 1 cent per GB per month. Continue using the cluster after the 90 day trial with our pay-as-you-go subscription. No commitment required.


The HyperDrive trial package includes:

192TB Storage Cluster
4U total rack size

All Storage

Controllers and Monitors
1U total rack size

Combined Monitor/Controller node
(easily expandable to three nodes or more for production)

10GBaseT networking

Consulation with a SoftIron storage expert

Hardware and software technical support

You also have the option to utilize our TuneUp service which includes installation support from a SoftIron engineer who will optimize the cluster to your environment’s requirements.

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Realize Scalable Storage at Wirespeed

Every trial cluster of HyperDrive ships with optimized storage server hardware, designed by us, and pre-installed with Ceph, a leading open source, distributed, scale-out platform.

HyperDrive is an open source Ceph appliance tuned to deliver wire speed throughput performance that scales as the cluster grows. HyperDrive also inter-operates easily with any other solutions in your data cetner running Ceph.

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