Quick, what do these workloads have in common?

  • AI/ML
  • Animation rendering
  • Transcoding video

Answer: Almost nothing. So why would you run all three workloads on the same generic compute platform? Your workloads have individual requirements, shouldn’t you configure your compute nodes to match?

But adding specialized compute nodes to your private cloud is no easy feat! Beyond designing-in GPUs, FPGAs, or ASICS, you have to adjust your private cloud software to:

  • Intelligently cluster these nodes together
  • Manage the migration of workloads as the nodes are added or removed from clusters
  • Ensure rock-solid resilience and security of these specialized clusters

SoftIron can help…

HyperCloud by SoftIron provides computing nodes as unique as your organization’s needs, from CPUs supporting massive multi-threading to GPUs to ASICs or FPGAs supporting specific computing challenges.

Specialized compute at a glance

Born as cloud

We take the “specialized” out of specialized workloads. As is true with all HyperCloud nodes, specialized compute nodes wake up as cloud—every single time.

Specialized compute nodes behave precisely the same way all HyperCloud nodes behave. They wake up on power, find and become part of the HyperCloud, download everything they need to operate, and immediately become part of HyperCloud’s fleet intelligence.


Add or remove specialized compute nodes at will, and HyperCloud manages the rest. It rebalances by migrating workloads as needed. No effort is required from your IT team, and no hidden licensing fees.


HyperCloud has security built in from the inside out. Since HyperCloud is a single-vendor solution (nothing is assembled for us), and you have full visibility into our software and hardware provenance, security is robust.


As with all HyperCloud nodes, specialized compute scales infinitely. Scale independently of storage and normal compute to whatever level your workloads require.

Discover HyperCloud

HyperCloud simply and independently scales compute and storage resources to support more compute-intensive private cloud projects from day one, or one hundred.
HyperCloud lets you can deploy, manage, and curate your on-premises storage with the advantage you’re used to in the public cloud.
HyperCloud provides the single, unified infrastructure needed to run fast, efficient, and portable cloud-native workloads on your private cloud.
HyperCloud provides a unified hardware and software solution that lets you run virtual workloads at typically half the price and with a fraction of the complexity.
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