A modern, streamlined approach to virtualization

Manage your virtualization infrastructure as easily as consuming VMs. No virtualization specialist required. Your organization’s IT support users will be able to work within your virtualized environments just as well as your developer and application teams.

  • Highly available clustering at scale
    • Fully automated setup and node detection
    • Tolerates hardware failures
  • Secure by design for edge deployments
    • Workload firewall included
    • Built by a team with experience in high security environments
  • Distributed storage for protection and performance
    • Automatically add disks to scalable storage pools
    • Datastores replicate and protect your data

Migrating from VMware?

VM Squared is the perfect step forward from VMware vSphere. VM Squared is the fastest route to a secure, scalable and highly available virtual machine solution with distributed storage.

Keep using your existing hardware - just bring over your VMs with our simple migration tool.

VM Squared is the “get out of jail” card from the cost and complexity of VMware and the associated bottom up integration of compute, network, and storage required to build, run, and secure a legacy architecture. All the key capabilities that are delivered by ten layers of VMware products are captured and delivered within VM Squared natively.

All-in-one virtualization solution

Out of the box multi-tenancy

Add new tenants in just a few clicks.

Simple pricing

No surprises. Access all VM Squared features. Supported or not.

Keep your existing hardware

What’s more, VM Squared is almost certainly going to require fewer resources than your current solution.

Automatic upgrades included

Never miss out on enhancements or security updates.

Streamlined performance

Efficient architecture minimizes resource utilization and reduces the barriers to rapid scale.

Leave complexity behind

Everything you need can be accessed via a single, unified dashboard. No VM Squared experts required.

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