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Specialisation fosters performance breakthroughs

We design products from the ground up, not from generic hardware sub assemblies and/or pre-compiled code.


We design and build properly, from scratch. We do not optimise a generic unit. We do not configure the cheapest components.

We start with a sharp, clear focus on what our appliances need to do (and what they do not need to do). We even read the code the appliances will run, line-by- line. That may sound dull, but the gains we’ve made are thrilling.

Designed for efficiency

SoftIron’s hardware platform is engineered and manufactured in-house for full interoperability with Ceph, which delivers significant power draw and cooling savings – in some cases requiring as little as 20% of the power draw of a typical storage appliance.

Not only does this reduce TCO, it also offers a pathway towards net zero emissions for our customers.

Our approach is simple – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

An obsession with quality means we do everything we can, in-house. Our manufacturing facilities operate with the ‘digital twin’ approach – we can make our product anywhere, identically, every time. Not only does this deliver improved resilience to disruptions to the global supply chain – it also enables us to offer customers secure provenance capabilities to mitigate global supply chain risks overall.

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