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Uniting a global perspective with the benefits and experience of a local operator

We have the freedom to build out our teams in any location, in any function. We embed these teams in the economies within which we operate for the mutual benefit of us, our customers and the broader community that we serve.


Working closer to the customers we serve

Rather than following the well-trodden pathways created by other manufacturers, building products in the low-cost labour zones, SoftIron chooses to build and optimise our manufacturing capability so that we can act globally, but manufacture and deliver complete products closer to our customers.

A more resilient supply chain

By shortening the supply chain as much as possible for both ourselves and our customers, we can achieve greater transparency and resilience all around. And by reducing reliance on the global supply chain, we can also minimise the impact of disruptions (pandemic or otherwise) to our customers’ operations, and contribute to the sovereign resilience of the nations they operate within.

Investing locally

We are a global company, and that means global investment in the communities we serve. We prioritise hiring the right person for the job, regardless of location. By spreading our workforce across the globe, we promote more diverse technology economies in the regions we serve.

Developing and delivering products within the context of our customers

We create deeper relationships with our customers and partners because we live and work where our customers do. HyperCloud has been engineered to be flexible, resilient, and scalable – able to adapt to changing requirements and a variety of installations, even those that go beyond the four walls of the data centre.