On 14 November 2022, we celebrated the inauguration of SoftIron’s first Australian factory which stands on Kameygal country. We acknowledge the Kameygal people’s ancient, sacred and sovereign links to this place, and we hope to be part of a fuller expression of nationhood for all Australians.

Garaguru by Jasmine Sarin

Garaguru by Jasmine Sarin
(noun) Gah.rah.goo.roo — Dhararwal word meaning cloud

Jasmine Sarin is a proud Kamilaroi and Jerrinja Woman born and raised in Dharawal Country.

This artwork represents the way we share, store and create knowledge. As a community and a collective, we often share our experiences and our knowledge through storytelling. Traditional lore and customs were embedded into song, dance and art.

The large circles represent the different groups, networks, communities, businesses and places that we are all a part of. They are all connected in some way. The background is an acknowledgement of the Botany area, Kameygal country, home to the Kameygal people. The lines represent the topography of the landscape while the faded blue circles represent distant campsites and gatherings. The colours are primarily the SoftIron brand colours but also lend themselves to the deep blues of the sea and the bright greens of our native grasses and flora.

The pattern on the top and bottom parts of the artwork reflect a more modern way of communicating. Something that we all participate in and is an integral part of our lives. While we have new methods of sharing our stories and our knowledge we are all still connecting, still story-telling, still passing on that knowledge as we move through this land and its peoples.

You can read more about Jasmine and her work at JS Koori Designs.

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