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Trust is having a firm belief in the truthfulness of a claim without evidence. No matter how much circumstantial evidence supports the notion – trust exposes you.

If data security matters to your organisation, trust should NOT be a part of your decision-making chain. Instead you should be able to validate all product claims – especially those on the security of data center appliances. To appropriate a blockchain term, security should be trustless.

100% control from the beginning

SoftIron made appliance security validation a company pillar from the beginning. As an organization, all our systems and processes were designed to readily enable appliance integrity audits and system verification at a granular level, by third parties.

We show you everything

For most manufacturers this level of transparency presents organizational difficulties, so instead they expect the end-purchaser, often making multi-million-dollar, mission critical decisions, to rely on trust. They wish to sell you a black box and they cannot tell you what is in it, precisely. Trust is not secure – appliance validation is.

Specify security

We invite you to remove trust from your decision-making and instead: specify and verify appliance security. Look to manufacturers who offer transparency and a secure chain of custody with in-built verification processes.

Verify the value

Those operating in high level security will be familiar with trustless transactions. This is not mutual mistrust but rather a process that removes the need for trust. The transaction veracity is proven prior to the value transfer for both parties and so any risk is removed. An appliance integrity audit should simply be considered part of a trustless decision chain when specifying real security requirements.

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