Arqit and SoftIron bring Symmetric Key Agreement to the deployable cloud

London, UK - 2 May 2024Arqit Quantum Inc. (Nasdaq: ARQQ, ARQQW) (Arqit), a leader in quantum-safe encryption, and SoftIron, the worldwide leader in true private cloud infrastructure announce a partnership to enable customers to make a seamless migration to quantum safe cloud tasks, with a priority focus on the defense sector. Arqit’s quantum-safe products will be available as part of the SoftIron Partner Marketplace alongside other industry-leading solutions.

SoftIron has integrated Arqit’s Symmetic Key Agreement Platform (SKA-Platform™) into HyperCloud, SoftIron’s ready-to-run true private cloud experience, deployed on-premises or on the battlefield. This brings the security of symmetric encryption across data center and edge compute environments without the need for additional infrastructure. It ensures customers win from optimal security, pace of deployment, performance, scalability and sovereignty.

The technology represents a strongly complementary offering and both companies will leverage their existing industry partnerships and defense customers.

“We are delighted to partner with SoftIron to bring Symmetric Key Agreement to the deployable cloud. The combination offers customers huge advantage in rapid and secure deployment of SoftIron’s impressive capability, compatible with the requirements of standards laid down for National Security Systems, and great synergy in our customer bases,” said David Williams, Chairman and CEO of Arqit Limited.

“We are excited to have Arqit join the SoftIron + Co Partner Program as a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) that will enable all of Arqit’s best-in-class encryption solutions to our customers,” said Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron. “By integrating Arqit’s SKA-Platform™ with our true private cloud solutions, we are empowering organizations to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their data in rapid on-premises and battlefield deployments. Complying with the new standards laid down for National Security Systems in using symmetric encryption but in a manner that is flexible and fast gives us an important edge.”

Find out more about the SoftIron Technology Alliance Program.

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