SoftIron and Plainsight Technologies partner to power AI vision at the edge on SoftIron’s true private cloud – HyperCloud

San Francisco – March 12, 2024SoftIron, the worldwide leader in true private cloud infrastructure, today announced that Plainsight Technologies has joined the SoftIron+Co Partner Program as a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP). The partnership will enable all of Plainsight’s AI FilterBox image processing technologies to be deployed and managed on SoftIron’s true private cloud infrastructure. Plainsight’s FilterBox product will be available as part of the SoftIron Partner Marketplace alongside other industry-leading solutions.

SoftIron’s HyperCloud offers Plainsight customers a ready-to-run true private cloud experience for computer vision workloads more suited for a private cloud environment, and at the network’s edge where computer vision workloads run. Pre-built Vision Intelligence Filters from Plainsight Technologies can be customized and deployed right inside HyperCloud, aboard SoftIron’s NVIDIA A10 powered Intelligence nodes allowing customers to see more business as they measure and automate quality control, customer experience, logistics, inventory, and other critical business operations.

Members of the SoftIron TAP program collaborate to deliver innovative solutions on a true private cloud infrastructure. The TAP ecosystem provides customers with the flexibility to choose a partner with the right expertise to satisfy their unique needs. Partners can develop, test, integrate, certify/validate, and package products with SoftIron’s HyperCloud and make these solutions available on the SoftIron Marketplace to our shared customers.

“The demand to run AI workloads at the edge is surging with demand across retail, manufacturing, and agriculture,” said Jason Van der Schyff, Chief Operating Officer at SoftIron.

“Plainsight and SoftIron solve the problems of latency, data security, and geography by deploying advanced AI workloads on HyperCloud, and we’re excited to add Plainsight as a Technology Alliance Partner.”

“Plainsight Technologies has been working closely with SoftIron to power the AI vision at the edge with our recently introduced FilterBox,” said Kit Merker, CEO, Plainsight Technologies.

“Running on SoftIron’s HyperCloud, FilterBox translates real-time video into valuable business metrics and is also the primary method of running Plainsight Vision Intelligence Filters, which takes all the complexity out of building vision intelligence making it super simple for customers to adapt and create scalable solutions.”

Find out more about the SoftIron Technology Alliance Program.

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