Blue Technologies Ltd. & Co. KG announces strategic partnership with SoftIron to strengthen private cloud technology

Münster/London/San Francisco - March 20th, 2024 — Blue Technologies Ltd. & Co. KG, an IT service provider headquartered in Münster and operating its own private cloud in Frankfurt, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking partnership with SoftIron, based in London and the United States. As part of this partnership, Blue Technologies will distribute SoftIron's innovative HyperCloud and the recently announced VM Squared products. SoftIron's "HyperCloud" product line refers to solutions designed specifically for use in cloud environments. These high-performance servers have special features that are optimized for use in large data centers, such as high scalability, energy efficiency or special management functions. SoftIron is a manufacturer of hardware and software solutions that offers true data sovereignty for the cloud. By providing its own hardware and hypervisor, SoftIron enables its customers to have a highly secure and efficient private cloud solution. To date, SoftIron has been used primarily by military organizations, thanks to its robust security standards and performance.

With VM Squared, SoftIron announced the availability of robust cloud software on customer provided hardware this week. VM Squared is therefore a real alternative to VMware vSphere and Hyper-V. In light of the current challenges and potential price increases following the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, SoftIron is providing cost-effective and powerful alternatives. This gives VMware customers the ability to modernize or expand their infrastructure without the cost and complexity of traditional solutions. The appropriate migration tool is included.

The partnership between Blue Technologies and SoftIron is a significant step for both parties. Blue Technologies is the first VM Squared partner in Germany and will also operate its own based on SoftIron products in the future.

By integrating SoftIron's highly specialized technology with Blue Technologies' comprehensive range of services, customers will have a first-class alternative to the public cloud that meets the highest security standards while offering outstanding performance.

"We are very pleased to be working with SoftIron," said Dirk Webbeler, CEO, Blue Technologies. "This partnership allows us to offer our customers an innovative private cloud solution that meets the highest security standards while providing a flexible and cost-effective alternative to the public cloud. In addition, we now have a solution for VMware customers facing challenges and uncertainties."

SoftIron has earned a reputation for outstanding performance and reliability in critical environments and now, with VM Squared, becomes a cost-effective alternative to the popular hypervisor. This development will enable customers to reap the benefits of a private cloud without sacrificing performance or security.

"Partnering with Blue Technologies allows us to bring our innovative technology to a broader customer base," said Phil Crocker, SoftIron's Chief Revenue Officer. "Together, we will shape the future of the private cloud and provide our customers with a best-in-class alternative to the public cloud."

About Blue Technologies Ltd. & Co. KG

Blue Technologies Ltd. & Co. KG is an IT service provider with headquarters in Münster and its own private cloud in Frankfurt. The company offers a wide range of IT services and solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Learn more at

About SoftIron

SoftIron is a Silicon Valley-based worldwide leader in true private cloud infrastructure. HyperCloud by SoftIron allows organizations to build a true private cloud on-premises that deploys, manages and consumes like public cloud. HyperCloud provides the elasticity of cloud in a solution that is fast and simple to deploy, driving extreme agility. HyperCloud delivers the benefits of AWS Outposts or Azure Stack HCI but in a cloud-neutral solution. Learn more at

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