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HyperCloud is natively designed to provide secure multi-tenancy with fine grain control over service definitions, quotas, access control, and reporting

One reason public cloud vendors have become popular is because they’ve successfully created a wall between the services that their customers can consume and the incredibly complex threading of technologies underneath that make it all work. In their model, consumers get a set of interfaces and clearly defined services to interact with, and the providers invest in the skills required to build, grow, and maintain those services. This approach requires armies of engineers and is a huge undertaking for non hyperscale cloud providers.

Applications increasingly tend to use a variety of infrastructure and data services across technology, service, and location contexts. To be competitive, service providers need a way to deliver a large variety of services without adding incremental headcount or paying for costly professional services or licenses each time. The “hidden” complexity problem only gets worse over time because the more connections there are that have to be managed, the more inflexible this kind of architecture becomes. For something like this to work well, it has to provide a rich ecosystem of services to match the kinds of applications and services you’re monetising.


A Better Way to Cloud

HyperCloud provides both the control plane and the infrastructure as a single experience, but spans the whole ecosystem.

That means providing many different kinds of services – containers, VMs, data services like file, block and object, or private network services – all as provisionable resources, with fully automated composition of the resources needed under the covers. 

Before now, providing a consistent consumption experience across public and private clouds required expensive toolsets and expertise to maintain. With HyperCloud you can act as a gateway to a combination of public and private cloud resources from a single interface, enabling you to compete directly with public cloud providers across differentiators like data location, sovereignty, or other compliance requirements you build into your services. 

Roll out new services quickly and backfill the infrastructure later.

For your application services portfolio, it lets you rapidly burst into public cloud resources as your customer base exceeds your infrastructure, allowing you to roll out new services quickly and backfill the infrastructure later. 

You can also federate HyperCloud zones to each other, presenting a single cloud fabric across an unlimited number of sites. You could even provide private cloud as a customer premise equipment should you wish to, providing an “AWS Outpost like” experience, but without the lock-in.

Monetise cloud-delivered services faster and with less risk

HyperCloud is natively designed to provide secure multi-tenancy with fine grain control over service definitions, quotas, access control, and reporting. 

None of it needs to be built from scratch. And it provides a powerful API for integrating into your own service consumption experience. It becomes the single point of monitoring  for the entire cluster, health and performance metrics to integrate into your service assurance systems. 

It also provides native showback mechanics, supporting all kinds of billable counters. You can get really creative with billing and turn it into a differentiator or align it to your specific business model. 

All of this means that you can monetise cloud-delivered services faster and with lower total cost of ownership.

Ultra-low TCO & No fees for data movement, additional service adders, or access to special features

HyperCloud’s super low TCO makes it more profitable and/or means you can offer lower cost services expanding your reach/ competitiveness against service providers who are based on more complex technology stacks. With no additional fees for data movement, additional service adders, or access to special features, you can immediately productize and monetise any of the features you wish. 

You never have to negotiate separate hardware and software contracts, and you reduce your overall cloud and power footprint using our extremely efficient technology platform. 

Lightning Fast Time to Value

You can begin your HyperCloud based service provision in less than half a rack and half a day. You don’t need to spend months designing and testing your next cloud service, and you don’t need to plan for incurred costs long before you see the first dollar in revenue. Cut the time to production down by an order of magnitude. And once it’s deployed, it scales quickly, efficiently and almost limitlessly. Through things like thin provisioning and secure multi-tenancy, you can get high customer density per node, improving your operating margins as the infrastructure grows. Because it comes as a pre-integrated package, you can avoid dedicating as many resources to keeping the lights on as you would in one of the DIY models.

Key Service Provider Use Cases

Distributed edge computing

  • Because of our low-power, highly efficient appliances our clouds can go where many can’t. We can deliver a fully functioning cloud environment on a home circuit.
  • Unlike DIY options, you get a fully integrated cloud in as little as 8U – no need for a separate management infrastructure
  • It gets expensive to put skilled hands on site for days to deploy an infrastructure. HyperCloud’s rapid deployment architecture reduces cloud building to hours and can be done by IT generalists
  • Because it’s delivered as a fully functioning cloud, you don’t need to have IT experts on hand keeping the components threaded together. And because of our holistically designed appliances, hardware replacement is radically simplified
  • The ability to federate clouds means application owners can centrally manage their application lifecycle but deploy seamlessly across any number of sites with consistency
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Multi-tenant managed services

  • We support fully automated provisioning and complex template management including custom network configurations, significantly reducing the manual effort and potential for mistakes when onboarding a new tenant
  • You can provide that experience at a drastically reduced cost but still aligned to the monthly cash outflow model that the business wants. Because upgrading is extremely fast, you can plan for just in time growth aligned to customer growth
  • Because HyperCloud is built for secure multi-tenancy, you can consolidate customers into a single resilient cloud environment instead of operating separate silos. We support quotas, securely separated networks, and custom service catalogs so each client can get their own walled garden experience
  • New offerings can be quickly designed and delivered on this platform without having to deploy a whole new set of kit, leveraging the marketplace as the starting point for trusted software deployments
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Private cloud as a service

  • If you’re not already offering private cloud services, this gives you an opportunity to unlock new revenue streams
  • If you are, imagine how much more profitable you could be if you could avoid the burdensome licensing fees that other vendors charge for their full stack cloud products
  • Perhaps more importantly though, you can also avoid having to bring in additional headcount or skills to operate this cloud, enabling those people to focus on front of house activities, acting as a trusted advisor to your customers
  • And because HyperCloud comes as a pre-integrated set of appliances, it drastically reduces the time to value for incremental investments.
Read the HyperCloud for Private Cloud Use Case

Why SoftIron

Designed, Not Assembled

From day one, our unique, “task specific” approach to design and manufacturing has enabled us to deliver our vision of a true, turnkey cloud experience for the enterprise. Based on our innovative technology strategy, HyperCloud’s intelligent cloud fabric was designed – not assembled – from the ground up to radically simplify cloud infrastructure, delivery and consumption. This allows you to confidently build the right size and shape cloud for your business without introducing the complexity of multiple, superfluous firmware, operating systems, or hardware components.

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Globally Distributed, Locally Embedded

In an age of ongoing global disruption, SoftIron is the partner you can rely on to help navigate the uncertainty to build a truly resilient organisation. We have the freedom to build out our teams in any location, in any function. We embed these teams in the economies within which we operate for the mutual benefit of us, our customers and the broader community that we serve. This also enables us to deliver comprehensive, cost effective support for our customers all over the world.

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Fully Auditable Secure Provenance

Where other manufacturers opt to cut costs by outsourcing manufacture to third parties (and therefore passing on the supply chain risks to their customers) SoftIron takes the opposite approach.

SoftIron has in-house, full control over the design and manufacture of our products. Because of this, we can readily enable infrastructure integrity audits and system verification at a granular level by third parties.

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Edge Manufacturing

We’re optimising our manufacturing capability to act globally, yet deliver locally with capacity to build our products in key locations around the world. By prioritising the quality of every build, and having full control and oversight of the process, our platform can offer secure provenance capabilities to our customers. Our leading ‘digital twin’ approach means each of our facilities mirrors the other, enabling analysis, planning and optimisation to take place at a global level, while still delivering locally manufactured products capitalising on local skills and a local supply chain.

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